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The resumes, in Word format, should be sent by e-mail to with the name of the author (e.g. JM_LOUSA_PAREDES.docx), underlining the name of the main author. The format of the presentation (oral or poster) must be indicated in the submission, as well as the scientific area of the paper.

  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology

  • Catalysis and Photocatalysis

  • Teaching

  • Nanochemistry and Nanotechnology

  • Food Chemistry

  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Polymer Chemistry

  • Industrial Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

  • Inorganic Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Sustainable Chemistry

  • Theoretical Chemistry and Molecular Modelling

  • Environmental Chemistry

  • Chemistry and Health

  • Chemistry and Society

  • Physic-Chemistry

  • Chemical Safety

Abstracts must be written in any of the official languages of the Conference (Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, English), according to the template provided, and must not exceed one A4 page (all its contents).

The number of oral communications is limited, so the papers presented for this modality will be selected, and the rest will be accepted for poster presentation.

Each participant registered for the Conference can present, as main author, a maximum of 2 papers; there is no limitation for co-authorship.

When the communication is presented as a poster, its maximum dimensions will be: 90 x 120 cm.

The template for the resumes can be found at:

Summary template

Poster template, optional (publisher)

Poster template, optional (word)

Guide for submitting abstracts
  • The first author must be registered.

  • Each participant can send a maximum of 2 communications.

  • The summary will only be considered if it respects the rules of the Meeting.

  • The summary must be sent by email to

  • The summary must be in Word format or another compatible format.

  • When sending the abstract, you must choose the most relevant topic, although the organizing committee reserves the right to decide/change the scientific area of the same.

  • Submission of abstracts requires prior registration at the conference – payment is not necessary at this stage.

  • Deadline for Delivering Abstracts, october 4, 2024

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