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One more year we celebrate this congress that brings together chemistry professionals from both sides of the Miño. With the same enthusiasm as the first time, that November 14, 1985, when we met in Santiago de Compostela somewhat nervous but with the conviction that it was necessary to establish an exchange of knowledge that would favor "getting to know each other better," and allow enhance the interpersonal relationships of Chemistry professionals. It will be 40 years sharing research and experiences.


Prof. Ph.D. Jesús Sanmartín Matalobos​ (U. Santiago de Compostela)

Prof. Ph.D. María de Los Ángeles Peña Gallego (U. de Vigo)

Prof. Ph.D. José Manuel Andrade Garda (U da Coruña)

Prof. Ph.D. Artur M. Soares da Silva (U of Aveiro)

Prof. Susana Costa (U. do Minho)

Prof. Ph.D. Victor A. Pereira Freitas (U. do Porto)


D. Carlos Vales Fernández

Prof. Ph.D. Ana María Gayol González

Prof. D. Juan José Sanmartín Rodríguez

D. Juan José Losada López

D. Francisco Javier Becerra García

Ph.D. Manuel Rodríguez Méndez

Prof. Ph.D. Pastora Bello Bugallo

Prof. Ph.D. José Manuel Andrade Garda

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